Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Another Zenescope sample page. This is page 6 on a book called "Stingers," and, as with the last post, the script is located below...

1 - INSERT PANEL, Gracey races down the boardwalk.
What I'd like to do is put a bullet
in the back of his head.
2 - FULL SHOT of his pursuer, BRIAN 'HAWK' HAWKINS. He's
black, late 30s with a clean shaven head. He’s an imposing
and powerful looking man.
But that's not what I get paid for.
3 - INSERT SHOT of Gracey, his eyes wide with fear as the
Hawk chases behind him.
I get paid to bring them in alive.
4 - Gracey throws a trashcan down front of HAWK to try and
trip him.
5 - Hawk smoothly leaps over the trashcan, barely breaking

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